Circle of Love Print

How we reach out to our community and membership. Each arm of the circle represents a level of activity of interest and directed by Catholic Daughters of the Americas or its members.



Personal sanctification and programs which participate in religious and charitable ministries of the church Rosary before monthly meetings 

CDA Priest Appreciation Day during the month of June

CDA Day Mass in October of each year

Life Mission of service to the underprivileged, those experiencing less than the fullness of life

 Archbishop Flood Relief

 White Ribbon Campaign  Against Pornography

 Bereavement meals for  CDA members

 Allied Women’s Center Baby Shower

 Knights of Columbus  (Combined Functions)

 Spring Style Show, Luncheon and Silent Auction

 Assumption Seminary

 Padua Place for Retired Priests



Seeking out and nurturing effective ways to put God-given abilities to use.

 Monthly newsletters

 Telephone committee

 Church bulletin announcements

 Officer Training Workshops

  Web Page at St. Peter Prince of the Apostle Web Site Education

 “A drawing out” of a person’s talent as well as “a putting in” of knowledge Educate and inform members of various CDA topics and higher CDA organization issues


CDA National Projects

 Disaster Fund

 SOAR – Support for our Religious


Speaking out in the legislative arena for the advancement of human rights and dignity for all

 Operation Morning Star

  Voter Registration Drive

 Members are encouraged to develop leadership skills, dedication and great enthusiasm for the work of Christ and His Church.