St.Vincent De Paul

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According to our Rule, no work of charity is foreign to the Society.  Each conference is autonomous and decides what it is called to do in order to make today's world a better reflection of the Kingdom of God.  Here is what we feel called to do at present:   


Food Pantry M-W-F                 
10 a.m. to noon                

    Haven for Hope
  Friday evenings, monthly


 Food Bank pickup &



 Meet twice monthly to form 

policy that is in accord with SVDP Rule


If you would like to help, please give us a call at (210) 849-2494. 

Also, you can help support our ministries by contributing to the

 Green Bag when it is passed as a second collection.

 Another way to help is  though Amazon Smile.To do this, when prompted for the charity you wish to support, name the Society of St. Vincent de Paul,St. Peter Prince of the Apostles , and check the box next to our name.  Then, continue shopping as usual.There is no extra charge and we get a fraction of to purchase price for our ministries.  Thanks! 


Please use the links below to learn more through slide shows sponsored by FAMVIN -- the Vincential Family site. 

The Society of St.Vincent de Paul at St. Peter's is one of many conferences worldwide.  
 Our founder is Blessed Frederic.  He and his companions chose St. Vincent de Paul as the Society's patron. 
 The primary goal of our Society is growth in holiness through face-to-face service of our neediest sisters and brothers. 





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Inspired by Gospel values, the Society leads women and men to grow spiritually

by offering person-to-person service to those who are needy and suffering. 

Members form an international society of friends united by a spirit of charity. 
We are nourished by prayer and reflection, mutually supportive gatherings,
and adherence to a basic rule. 
Keenly aware that poverty, suffering, and loneliness are present
to millions in our communities, we embrace all works of charity and justice.

 For more information about the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, please see  FAMVIN,
 the website for the entire Vincentian Family which includes Vincentian Fathers
and Daughters of Charity 
 as well as our own  Society of St. Vincent de Paul.  
Besides studying  news reports, you can also learn the history, ideals, and spirituality 
which keep Vincentians actively working to form a worldwide "network of charity", 
and which has given us numerous martyrs and saints.  

Service - Helping Neighbors in Need PDF Print E-mail

Our members deal directly with individuals in need. Our primary ministry is food assistance.
 In emergencies and when funds are available, we also help to prevent
neighbors' utility cut-off or eviction.  Monthly, we visit Haven for Hope. 


Food Ministry:  

Our SVDP Food Pantry distributes nourishing bags of food,
more importantly,  volunteers offer a warm and respectful welcoming
 to those who come to the SVDP Window and  referring our Brothers and Sisters in Christ
to additional sources of aid.  
 Volunteers order from and report to the San Antonio Food Bank,  
oversee delivery and stocking of supplies, pick up food donations from  local vendors,
 and purchase items locally when the Food Bank supplies are not available.
  Additionally, Volunteers direct periodic food drives from St. Peter's School
and from the University of the Incarnate Word.
 A special Bread Ministry picks up donated breads and desserts from a local HEB store
at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday mornings.

Haven for Hope Ministry:  

We have two branches to our Haven for Hope Ministry --
parish volunteers and UIW student/staff volunteers

Parishioners leave from the parish parking lot at 4:15 the fourth Friday
of each month for
Haven for Hope  where we serve dinner to homeless persons at St. Vinny's Bistro.
 For more information, please call 829-2494 and leave a message for Kathleen Foreman. 

This SVDP endeavor has its roots in food ministries undertaken by St. Peter's SVDP
 since the 1950's.  Formerly known as the
St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room,  
St. Vinny's is located at Haven for Hope, near the SVDP Council offices that reside at Haven for Hope
-- an extensive  campus that also helps able homele
ss people to transition into trained job-holders.

Emergency Assistance:  

In emergencies and when funds are available,
we help to prevent neighbors' utility cut-off or eviction.  
 We also network with other
conferences to meet particular needs

History by Arthur Uhl and Deacon John Spitzer PDF Print E-mail

 St. Peter’s SVDP conference was begun more than fifty years ago 
when Bishop Flanagan was pastor at St. Peter’s.   During these years, 
the conference has  served the hungry and the needy of our parish, 
and has partnered with other conferences to meet emergencies 
impacting  the wider community.


Saturday - 5:30 PM
Sunday - 9 & 11 AM, 5:30 PM
Monday - No Masses
Tuesday - 7 AM
Thursday - 7 AM
Wednesday - 5:30 PM
Friday - 8:15 AM
111 Barilla Place
San Antonio, TX 78209
Office 210-822-3367
Fax 210-828-5826

Rev Martin J. Leopold