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Innocent  SVDP Group Photo - 09/2019

Members of the St. Peter Church St. Vincent de Paul Society gathered to celebrate 
the recent Feast of St. Vincent de Paul.   Father Martin recognized the St. Peter
Vincentians with a special blessing during the 11:00 Mas on Sunday, 
September 29.  The group gathered for a luncheon celebration afterwards
Other photos 

 Keith DuBois, long-time parishioner and SVDP Pioneer Innocent

Arthur Uhl at SVDP office -2012 Innocent


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Sunday - 9 & 11 AM, 5:30 PM
Monday - No Masses
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Thursday - 7 AM
Wednesday - 5:30 PM
Friday - 8:00 AM

111 Barilla Place
San Antonio, TX 78209
Office 210-822-3367
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Pastor: Rev Martin J. Leopold